Bicester Fields, Langford Village


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This was once farmland belonging to Langford and Wretchwick farms. Development of houses began in the late 90’s, leaving the central area for recreation. There are plenty of paths for jogging or dog walking, there is a football pitch and pavillion, and plenty of play areas for children. The area is prone to flooding after heavy rain.

Wren Way

In the summer we do regular butterfly surveys in the hope of spotting the endangered brown hairstreak butterfly, whose eggs have been found nearby off Gavray Drive. They are the size of a white pinhead, so very difficult to spot! We also do regular litter-picks in the area. Since 2013 we are increasingly working on the Gavray Drive side, where some rare meadows are being threatened with building development, and nearby, the rail line is being expanded. There is a campaign website at Save Gavray Meadows to help protected the many species expected to be found there during on-going surveys.

Newspaper article featuring GG and Gavray Meadow, October 2013

Pond life

The estate contains several ponds. Watch out for herons, moorhens, frogs, newts, ducks and goldfish! Bicester FieldsPulling reedsPulling reeds 2

Bramble clearance

Typical of this site is bramble clearance, as shown here, improving the view of a playground and opening up a ditch, which had become completely clogged.

Play area before and afterPlay areaCleared ditch

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