FoBNS exploration

Friends of Bicester North Station (a.k.a. Bicester Green Gym, for now) took a day off from gardening and courtesy of Chiltern Railways, enjoyed train travel to our comrades in Solihull, Dorridge and Leaminton Spa, hoping to gain insight and ideas in the running of a Friends Group. We were joined by Paul Webster of ACORP who help link up groups, give training, advice and funding. The pictures say it all. We were well impressed by what we saw, the hospitality and the fun.

First stop, Friends of Solihull Station. Lovely planted beds and unusual tiles in the underpass.

Next we continued back down the line a short 5 minute journey to Dorridge.






Here we were impressed with the planting, a great watering trolley (which we will need at Bicester as no tap nearby) and a beautifully restored waiting area.





Finally, Leamington Spa, one of the longest established Friends groups (and average age of volunteers to match) was an exemplary display of award winning planting, imagination, restoration. Not enough space to put on all the pictures to do it justice, but suffice to say it is well worth another visit.

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