Programme update

On 12th Feb our litter pick begins at the “Danger Field” opposite Bowmont Square, Shakespeare Drive. After tea break, assuming we have finished, we will move to the field at the top of the Buckingham Road, opposite the Heritage airfield, at the roundabout. Park in Coopers Green.

Note we almost always start work even if the weather is forecast bad. We have only been rained off 3 or 4 times in all our years! For tasks out of Bicester we meet at the Bure Park Co-Op for car sharing at 9:15am, unless it is further afield, when it may be earlier still.

As seen on Facebook, got this message for our work clearing up in the woodland walk: “Sincere thanks to all members of Green Gym, who did such an outstanding job of clearing so much rubbish (& destruction of trees/shrubs), from areas of Bure Park on 3/7/18. Sadly some park visitors don’t appreciate its beauty, nor the danger of certain ‘litter’ to our dogs. So appreciate your tireless hard work; especially in these high temperatures. With gratitude“. Makes it all worthwhile!

See you soon to burn off some calories!

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