Programme update

We were lucky with the weather once again at the old school, and what a good job we did. I felt sorry for anyone caught in the downpour on their way home! I will put it in the programme to do some work again after our AGM on 8th May. In the meantime you can go to their open day on Sat 14th April, and work in the fenced off garden area on Sunday 22nd April (drop-in all through the day).

This Saturday from 12noon-3pm is the free recycle swap shop at Elmsbrook/Ecotown – bring-n-take – at the new Gagle Brook school. There are incentives for using the E1 bus, walking or cycling. Bring some money for the Foodbank and community cafe, with home-made cakes.

Next week we will be at Bicester North. Technically any of us who work there is a Friend of Bicester North, and we would be interested in hearing of alternative work days apart from Green Gym’s. Who would come out on a Saturday for example?

On the 15th April there is a Langford Orchard work party with Pam and crew, 2-4pm, so lots going on!

Note we almost always start work even if the weather is forecast bad. We have only been rained off 3 or 4 times in all our years!

Note for tasks out of Bicester we meet at the Bure Park Co-Op for car sharing at 9:15am, unless it is further afield, when it may be earlier still.

See you soon to burn off some calories!

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