Amazing haul during spring clean

19/05/15: We revisited Jarvis Lane and the fields off it, and picked at least another 15 jumbo rubbish sacks! Interesting finds included an angle grinder (!!), a bicycle frame, a car number plate and a pair of safety boots. The area is now 90% litter-free…..let’s hope it stays that way!

10/02/15: A great litter pick today, in which we cleared at least 6 JUMBO sacks of rubbish plus large bits on the side, all of which were taken away while we packed up. Well timed by Cherwell. This is on top of nearly 50 normal-sized bags picked earlier in the other half of the lane.
Amongst the finds were the remains of an ATM, a car seat, a computer printer, a stolen powered screwdriver (which is drying out as I write, don’t know if it will work) and the contents of a decaying purse, cards dated 1987. I’m sure the person would have cancelled these by now.
The sweetest story came from an iPhone found by Matt & Phil, and a pink cover found separately. Apparently both belonged to the same lady, who had treasured photos on it, and was almost in tears when I returned it. She gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers which I’d love to share, but don’t know how!
Also interestingly, there were 4 arrows found, and on researching the internet, these have hunting tips, so whether someone was living rough and trying to shoot squirrels, who knows, but I think they missed and the arrows lost, until today!
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